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Beauty Box(www.beauty-box.org) is an internet page which represents an online shop according to the Consumer Protection Act. Beauty Box is created and owned by PRM Limited, registered No 202412905, address: Sofia 1000, 12B Vrabcha Str. fl4 ap8.

The shop specializes in the sale of cosmetic products and accessories.

The use of the website is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below. They stipulate the relationship between Beauty Box, its clients, and all users of internet pages and services located on the www.beauty-box.orgdomain. By marking a link, object or button or otherwise using the website, all users signify their agreement to be bound by these conditions.


1. PARTIES are PRM EOOD herein after referred to as SUPPLIER and all users (individuals or legal entities) using the website hereinafter referred to as CONSUMERS.

2. WEBSITE according to these Terms and Conditions is the domain www.beauty-box.org, as well as all sub domains related to it.

3. ARTICLES are all products for sale.

4. ORDER is the individual request to buy selected product/products as per payment and delivery conditions posted on the website. Orders can only be made through the online shop www.beauty-box.org. Telephone orders shall not be accepted.

5. SERVICES are all activities carried out by the SUPPLIER with regards to the offering, selling and delivering of articles from the website.

6. DELIVERY is the process of shipping of products selected by the CONSUMER via a courier company with which the SUPPLIER has contractual relations.

7. PARTNERS are individuals and legal entities with which the SUPPLIER has contractual relations.

8. EXCLUSIVITY is the SUPPLIER’S and their partners’ exclusive right of ownership over trade marks, catalogue pictures, texts and materials from the website content (including but not limited to pictures, graphics, texts, illustrations and design). Their use with commercial, advertising or for any other public purpose; the use via public distribution, copying, publishing in other websites, the creation of derivative materials from the contents of the website, the change of content, transmission, display, reproduction or creation of secondary materials is a violation of the copyright and related rights and is prosecuted by law. CONSUMERS may copy materials from the online shop only for personal use, but only if this does not contradict with any provision of these Terms and Conditions.

9. PRICE is the cost published on the WEBSITE at the time of order, the payment of which secures the CONSUMER ownership of the selected ARTICLES. All prices on this website are in Bulgarian Leva, VAT included and are valid until in stock. Listed prices do not include shipping. Shipping prices are listed separately and represent the prices of the courier company the SUPPLIER is in contractual relations with.

10. CATALOGUE is the set of ARTICLES sold on the website including individual products’ picture, description and price.

11. Publishing in the website’s catalogue is a public invitation for a trade deal according to acting legislation.


1. PRM EOOD reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to the CONSUMER if the latter is using the services in breach of the current Terms and Conditions, as well as at PRM EOOD’s sole discretion to terminate, remove or amend the services provided.

2. PRM EOOD is not responsible to CONSUMERS and third parties for any damages incurred and profits missed as a result of termination, removal, amendment or restriction of the SERVICES, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy or insufficiency of messages, materials or information transmitted, used, posted or made available through the site.

3. PRM EOOD may provide hyper-links to other internet pages and resources. PRM EOOD is not responsible for damages incurred and profits missed as a result of the use, access and authenticity of those materials and content.

4. Every CONSUMER is fully responsible for all damages incurred to the SUPPLIER and third parties as a result of unconscientious use and access to these Internet pages and resources. PRM EOOD is not responsible for any damages on the hardware, software or telecommunication equipment or for the loss of data caused by materials or resources looked for, uploaded or used in any way through the services rendered. The advice, consultation and help provided by the SUPPLIER’s staff and specialists with regard to the SERVICES do not incur any responsibility and obligations for PRM EOOD. 

5. The CONSUMER is obliged to compensate PRM EOOD and third parties for all damages incurred and profits missed, including all expenses and legal fees paid due to claims filed and/or reimbursements paid to third parties with regard to Internet pages, hyper-links, materials or information that the CONSUMER has used, placed on the server, sent, transmitted, made available to third parties through PRM EOOD against the law, in breach of these Terms and Conditions, the good manners or the Internet ethics.

6.PRM EOOD does not have the obligation and the actual means and hence does not control the way CONSUMERS use the SERVICES provided. PRM EOOD has the right but not the obligation to save materials and information used/placed on the www.beauty-box.orgserver or made available by CONSUMERS and provide them to third parties or state authorities in the cases when this is necessary for the protection of PRM EOOD’s lawful rights, property and security, as well as the rights of third parties in cases when there are claims filed with regard to their rights being violated by materials used or information published, as well as in the cases when the materials and information have been requested by state authorities as per explicit legal acts.

7. The SUPPLIER has the right to edit and update the content, look and information on the website; including prices, terms and conditions, products, services, information, pictures, etc. at their discretion and at any time without prior notification. The new conditions are in force from the moment of publishing.


8. The CONSUMER has the right to browse, order and receive ARTICLES from the Internet site according to its Terms and Conditions.

9. The CONSUMER has the right to be kept informed of the status of their order.

10. The CONSUMER has the right to receive the selected ARTICLE/S to the address provided after paying the sales price as instructed on the website.

11. The CONSUMER is obliged to pay the price for the order as instructed on the website.

12. The CONSUMERS have no right to transmit, amend (edit), copy (except for non-commercial private use), display, reproduce, publish, create secondary materials, transfer, sell or in any other way use the site’s content without PRM EOOD’s written consent.

13. Upon delivery of the order, Beauty Box shop does not provide CONSUMERS with the option OPENING BEFORE PAYMENT. If CONSUMERS have any problems with the merchandise, they can substitute or return it according to the Terms and Conditions acting at the time of placing the order.


14. PRM EOOD can publish on the web page information related to products, services, including promotions, sales, initiated by the website owner or third parties, with whom PRM EOOD has a signed contract for co-operation or for any services for a definite time period, according to stock availability.

15. The price for the promotional products is that of the time of order, subject to stock availability and / or during the promotional period, if any.


16. The CONSUMER can order at any time their chosen products only through the website www.beauty-box.org.

17. The CONSUMER requests their order by selecting the chosen products and by filling in the information form that can be found on the website.

18. After filling the tabs with the information needed, the CONSUMER confirms the input data and its accuracy and explicitness by pressing the button for completing the order.

19. By completing the order the CONSUMER agrees that the SUPPLIER can contact them regarding:

(1) Confirmation of the ORDER value depending on the situation; and for other services with added value (e.g. shipping, etc.);

(2) Co-ordination of the shipping of the PRODUCTS;

20. The SUPPLIER can unilaterally terminate an order made by a CONSUMER by informing them in advance, without any further obligations for either party and without any party being responsible for damages made in the following cases:

(1) The information given by the CONSUMER on the website is incomplete and / or invalid;

(2) The CONSUMER’S actions on the webpage harm / can harm the SUPPLIER and / or their partners;

(3) If two subsequent customer ORDERS have not been successful;

(4) In other cases at SUPPLIER’s sole discretion.


21. The CONSUMERS have at their disposal only one means for delivery of the products purchased using a courier company chosen by the SUPPLIER.

22. The shipping time is usually between 24 hours and 48 hours from the completion of the order, without exceeding 30 days, unless expressly stated otherwise. If the product cannot be delivered the SUPPLIER is obliged to inform the CONSUMER about it.



23. In case of a refusal to accept the product, apart from the instances described below, the refusal is considered unjustified and the CONSUMER must cover the shipping expenses for delivery and return. Hence, the CONSUMER must compensate PRM EOOD for all the damages and missed profits including any other expenses, apart from shipping fees for delivery and return, that have been charged due to the refusal.

24. In case the CONSUMER cannot be found on the address given within the delivery term or no access and means for delivery of the product are provided within this term, the SUPPLIER is released from their obligation to deliver the product ordered. The CONSUMER can confirm their wish to receive the product after the delivery term, during which they have not been found if they cover all the expenses for delivery. In this case a new delivery term starts from the moment of confirmation.

25. The CONSUMER has the right to refuse accepting the product ordered when it is delivered under one of the following circumstances:

(1) The product/s are an obvious mismatch to the product/s ordered by the CONSUMER.

(2) The price that the CONSUMER has to pay (if they have chosen the option Cash on Delivery) does not match that which is due.


26. The CONSUMER has the right, according to Bulgarian legislation, to return the shipment received by the SUPPLIER within 7 work days without any compensation or explanation due, but with the obligation to cover  shipping expenses, to the following address: 12B Vrabcha Str., fl.4 ap.8, Sofia, Bulgaria.

27. Product returns are accepted in the following cases:

(1) The parcel’s condition, its packaging and contents are severely damaged;

(2) Products are shipped or invoiced incorrectly.

28. The CONSUMER is obligated to inform PRM EOOD in writing of their intent to return the products purchased on the email address given in the website not later than 7 working days from the date of receiving the products and / or services, if they use their right as per art. 26 and art. 27 of these Terms and Conditions. The request must contain a personal bank account to which the sum paid by the CONSUMER will be reimbursed.

29. Product returns are carried out under the following circumstances:

(1) The merchandise is in good shape, original packaging with original labels and sent with the original documents issued by PRM EOOD.

30. The CONSUMER pays all expenses (courier service and merchandise insurance) related to the transportation of the merchandise to the address provided by PRM EOOD’s staff.

31. PRM EOOD reserves the right not to refund the client in case they violate one or more of the terms for product returns.

32. The refund for a product is carried out after PRM EOOD has received the product and its integrity has been confirmed by their staff. In case the product must be refunded, this must be done in a 30-day period after the confirmation of the return.

33. Returned cash-on-delivery parcels are not accepted.

34. A CONSUMER who informs PRM EOOD according to art. 28 is responsible for the return of PRM EOOD’s products in a period not exceeding 10 days after the notification has been submitted, otherwise PRM EOOD will consider the return request null and not leading to any subsequent legal actions.

35. In the case of a substitution of a product, the substitution will be made according to the terms and restrictions of a regular order.


36. PRM EOOD is a registered administrator of personal data and gathers and uses the CONSUMER’S personal data only for processing orders and for legally approved purposes. 


37. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, all notifications connected to the delivery of SERVICES through the WEBSITE, are submitted to the telephone numbers/address for contact published on the website and respectively to the telephone number/address provided by the CONSUMER. Notifications submitted that way are considered duly delivered until proved otherwise.


38.PRM EOODis not responsible for the actions of any individual or legal entity using the internet page.

39. PRM EOOD is not responsible for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or other) occurring as a result of the use or inability to use the Internet page content and information or as a result of any mistake or omission that could lead to damages.

40. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for the content, quality or type of other internet pages reached via connections from the page www.beauty-box.orgregardless of the type of connections. The internet pages’ owners bear full responsibility for them.

41. The SUPPLIER is not responsible in case of use of Internet pages (or their content) sent to CONSUMERS by any means (email, phone or other) by internet pages or PRM EOOD staff when the use of that content can harm or incur damages for the CONSUMER or any third parties engaged in the transmission.

42. The SUPPLIER does not offer any direct or indirect guarantees that:

(1) The SERVICE will meet the CONSUMER’s expectations;

(2) The SERVICE will be secure, uninterrupted and flawless;

43. The staff, managers and/or owners of the Internet page are not in any way responsible for damages resulting from (but not limited to) acquisitions, special offers, promotions or any other connection /transaction/cooperation/etc. that CONSUMERS and parties directly or indirectly advertising on the website may enter into.

44. The order delivery terms including but not limited to the shipping time are not the SUPPLIER’s contractual responsibility and no party is responsible for delivery damages.


45. Unless stated otherwise, no party is liable for partial or full failure to fulfill obligations under the contract and/or in the cases when obligations are outside the contract terms and conditions if the failure to perform is the result of Force Majeure.

46. The PARTY or its legal representative that is asserting Force Majeure should timely and duly notify the other party of the occurrence of the Force Majeure event and take measures to counteract it in order to minimize its consequences.

47. The PARTY or its legal representative that is asserting Force Majeure is not liable for failure to perform only if the event prevents them from fulfilling their obligations.

48. If there is no way to remedy the event/its consequences in a 15-day period, either party has the right to ask for termination of contract without any legal consequences for any of the parties.


49. Every dispute which is related to these Terms and Conditions and can occur between the CONSUMER and the SUPPLIER will be settled by mutual consent.

50. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for any damages, missed profits, expenses, claims and other responsibilities if they have happened as a result of not following these Terms and Conditions.

51. If any of the terms or conditions mentioned above is or is found null or invalid for whatever reason, this will not affect the validity of the other terms and conditions.

52. For any unsettled matters the current acting Bulgarian legislation is applied.


PRM EOOD reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and to amend the webpage, its structure and services, including amendments which would have an influence on the webpage and / or its content without informing the Consumers. If the Consumer expressly states that they do not agree with the amendments, then PRM EOOD has the right to immediately stop or terminate the delivery of the Services to the Consumer, and the obligations that are still outstanding are to be carried out.

PRM EOOD is not responsible for any errors whatsoever that can show up on the webpage for any reason, including ones caused by amendments, settings and others that have not been made by the webpage’s administrator.

PRM EOOD reserves the right to publish advertisement banners of any kind and / or links to whichever part of the webpage, according to the current acting Bulgarian legislation.


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